Where to Shop


Online Stores

  • Reformation – A contemporary women’s fashion brand beloved by everybody from Taylor Swift to Lily Aldridge. Their materials fall into one of 3 categories: it’s either “sustainable”, repurposed vintage clothing, or deadstock fabric bought from fashion houses.
  • ECOALF – Spanish-based fashion brand that manufactures from recycled materials.
  • Everlane – A SF-based startup that focuses on wardrobe basics & a transparent supply chain.
  • Zady – There’s also an emphasis on wardrobe basics here, but Zady also incorporates a sustainability element (with materials like organic cotton) and stocks outside designers as well.
  • Patagonia – For all your winter wear needs. Patagonia incorporates a large amount of recycled material in their clothing. Their founder, Yvon Chouinard, even wrote a book about the company’s journey to sustainability!

Thrift Stores (because shopping secondhand is better than shopping new)

  • Chains
    • Buffalo Exchange
    • Goodwill
    • Salvation Army
    • Non-Fashion
      • Ten Thousand Villages
  • Seattle
    • Value Village
    • Red Light Vintage
  • New York City
    • No Relation Vintage
    • Tokio7
    • Beacon’s Closet
  • London
    • Portobello Road
    • Beyond Retro

PS: never underestimate the power of etsy & ebay. Those websites are thrifting goldmines if you look hard enough.


  • Organic by John Patrick
  • Daniel Silverstein
  • Audrey Louise Reynolds
  • Pamela Love




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