Thoughts From My First Day in London

There’s so much going through my head and although I wanted to take after a good friend of mine (she knows who she is) and live tweet my thoughts & life, I thought that maybe a scattered blogpost would be better. Probably not. Oh well.

I land at around 11:15 am local time… Yay London! I hope I get through the border and don’t have to fly back home because I was an idiot and applied for the wrong visa. (Long story…)

After about a half hour of waiting in line, I pass the border crossing thing… Phew, thank God. I was severely worried for a second there.

Erm, now what?

Right, luggage. I notice that both my bags are on the verge of giving out because I overstuff them so much every time. I also notice that Heathrow doesn’t charge for trolleys. WHAT IS THIS MADNESS? I pass on the offer though, ’cause I’m strong and I can manage, thank you very much.

The new task at hand is now to get from Terminal 1 to Terminal 3. I have no idea where anything is. Hi, American here! Can a smart/witty Brit come help a homie out?

No witty Brit approaches. After walking around in circles for a while, I figure out that I have to go through a series of underground tunnels.

About a 2 minute walk into the first underground tunnel, I realize that my bags are really fucking heavy. Dammit, Rachel. Me and my stupid pride.

I also notice that the underground tunnels are really stuffy. The walk comes out to be about a a good 15 minutes, but I took a break about every 3 minutes so it took me significantly longer. Nobody else is sweating. At this point my glasses also keep sliding down my face so I take them off. I am now sweaty and slightly blind.

I finally get to Terminal 3 and locate the Queen Mary welcoming team. At this point I am very disheveled, but hope that I look dewy and only slightly sweaty. I mean, just last week DKNY and Alexander Wang were embracing sweaty chic, right? I’m sure I wasn’t what they had in mind, but it’s okay, I trick myself into thinking I don’t look completely disgusting.

After a bit of traffic and idiot drivers and me wondering why we were on the wrong side of the street, the driver gives us a mini tour of Central London. He makes a bunch of distasteful jokes about us girls marrying rich and making our future husbands take us to Harrods. I let it slide. He also asks us if we prefer WIlliam or Harry. Is Harry Styles an option? I know he’s not technically royal, but… We pass by the London Eye, Big Ben, Westminster Abbey, Buckingham Palace, Tower Bridge, and a bunch of other places. I refrain from taking blurry bus pics until I can see these places up close.

We finally reach campus, and the student village is really nice. I’m excited! Since then I’ve made a few new acquaintances with the other kids in my flat. My lack of sleep on the plane last night is also starting to get to me. After arriving at school I made some pit stops at Sainsbury’s and Nando’s. Tomorrow will probably be the mall to see if there’s any other stuff I need stocking up on, and I’ll probably hit up some local markets to figure out the food sitch soon too.

London looks promising!


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