The Echo, Cool Urban Projects, and NYFW!

I have decided to rename my infant blog “The Echo”, because it reflects my opinion that all good ideas and movements start with a seed, then spread through the ripple effect. Although The Echo will encompass more than just my opinions on politics, sustainability, and culture, I try to live as conscious and ethical a life as possible – and hope that all will be reflected here.

Going off of that, here are a few awesome urban projects that have been happening this summer, or are relatively new to me:

  • The Water Tank Project – In order to raise awareness over water sustainability in New York City (and coinciding with the California drought), a group of acclaimed artists and public school students have been producing artwork to go up on New York’s water tanks. Notable artists like Jeff Koons, Ed Ruscha, and Laurie Simmons have been involved, to name a few.
  • Skinny Jean Gardeners – Lee and Dale Connelly are two brothers based in the UK who – you guessed it – wear skinny jeans and like to garden. They’ve been talked about by everyone from BBC Radio 1 to The Telegraph, and are finding unusual and cool ways to implement gardening projects. Check ’em out!
  • Catalytic Poetry – In May of this year, the University of Sheffield debuted the world’s first “Catalytic Poem”, which is essentially a giant poem printed on banner material that has the ability to react with nitrous oxides, which makes up 7% of our greenhouse gases, and produce non-harmful nitrates. In other words, it’s the world’s first air-cleaning poem. It’s some sick stuff, and the technology has also been applied to clothing; see the Catalytic Clothing website here.
  • MoMA PS1: Hy-Fi – The Hy-Fi exhibition opened at MoMA in late June, and is a 100% organic structure created by The Living as a backdrop to their summer Warm Up concerts. The bricks were grown from hay and fungus, and natural dye artists Shabd Simon-Alexander and Audrey Louise Reynolds created a clear protective coating to prevent the structure from damage.

Today is also the first day of New York Fashion Week!! I’ll be keeping up with the shows and writing my thoughts. A day by day review is a bit excessive for me, since I’m not actually in New York, but I’ll do a round-up at the end of the week.


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